11 Jun 2012


Spotted on the street in ,of all places,Stuttgart last week these extreme, crazy wheels on a Hummer.They look like they have been stolen from a horse drawn buggy.They are 30" mounted with Pirelli Scorpion P Zero 310x30x30 tyres.I am surprised that Pirelli make such extreme tyres.The ride must be bone jarring and it must tramline horribly -and there are plenty of tramlines in Stuttgart.Also it must be very difficult to avoid "kerbing" the wheels and even on super smooth German roads the risk of buckling them on potholes must be very high -they would last about 5 mins on Australian roads .And how do they fit the tyres with those narrow sidewalls without damaging the satin finish on the wheels?
The owner has certainly suceeded in making a statement but I am sure that he can't enjoy the ride.

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