5 Mar 2012


A montage of photos from the frantic Tokyo fish market .I went there on a wet morning so it was even more slippery underfoot than usual .OH&S are not words in the lexicon at the fish market . If you have ever wanted to be speared by a fork lift truck travelling at high speed this is the place for you.These photos were taken on a humble Canon G7 under very low light with no flash .

Over the weekend my son visited us with his Canon 7D DSLR.A great camera but just too heavy for me.I had a play with it and for a few seconds I felt tempted but then realised that if I owned one I just would end up not taking it out with me.I know that I would take great photos with it but there has to be a trade off .It's capability and sophistication versus portability .I still have my big Canon film camera outfit which i have not used for  8 years and I am just about to sell the wonderful F2.8 70-200mm lens . An absolute beauty but oh so heavy .Been there done that .

I see all the new serious compact cameras being announced  from Sony,Nikon,Canon, Panasonic and Olympus  and think how great it would be to have one of them with some really fast lenses and wide angles in particular and then I remind myself --I would have to carry them around .

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