1 Mar 2012


One of my earliest photos -which has just resurfaced .Fish market on Bergen Quay ,Bergen Harbour ,Norway ,1962 .Taken with a strange little camera ,an Exa, a 35mm SLR with a look down or waist level viewfinder .It was made in Dresden ,which was in communist East Gemany and was very nicely finished and had a good ,interchangeable,lens for its modest price and it was very compact .It had a focal plane shutter with a very limited range of shutter speeds controlled by a strange lever on the top plate .
The maker,Ihagee, was better known as the maker of the more prestigious Exacta SLR .At that time there were only a couple of SLRs on the market so the budget priced Exa was quite a novelty and I think it sold  strongly.I had the Exa for about 5 years and it served me well .I traded it in on my first Leica.

Although this photo is pretty pedestrian by today's standards I was very pleased with it at the time particularly as I processed the Agfa B&W film and printed it in my home darkroom -- the garden shed. I scanned in the original negative for this image and with some touching up in Lightroom I am sure that it looks much better than the print I made in the garden shed .

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