11 Oct 2011


News of Paul McCartney getting married ( again) over the weekend ties in very nicely with this 60's photo from friend and one time Lotus sales exec,Roger Putnam . Note the English winter suburban landscape and Roger's haircut .
Let me quote him re the story on this shot
"You may recall that this car - the company 7 demonstrator, was featured in 'The Prisoner' with Patrick Magoohan. It was a 1500cc Cosworth and very quick (I think the engine had been breathed on). I had it for about 6 months then it went to ATV and then it was sold to a Dutch customer in '67 when it disappeared. I think Caterham made a replica. The only reason I had it was because the older salesmen had Elans and as 'the new boy' I got the draughty, wet car.

The wire 'stone protectors' on the headlights were a nightmare as it was impossible to clean the headlights after mucky weather without removing the wire. I drove down from Norfolk to London one night in foul weather and couldn't see a thing after 50 miles.

Also the clips the held the bonnet on were a bit dodgy and a couple of times I was horrified to see the bonnet wind milling off the car and landing on the road behind me."

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