11 Oct 2011


Hugh Palmer is a friend who like me has been a motor racing enthusiast for over 50 years . in the1960's and 70's when the paddocks and drivers were accessible to the fans Hugh regularly visited Silverstone and Brands Hatch with his camera and the result is a unique collection of photos which really do convey the atmosphere of a special era of motor racing .The Williams team's transporter has advanced a lot since then and you don't see today's formula one drivers rolling up their sleeves to help the mechanics work on the car .
He took these pictures on 127 slide film and it must have been a small ,probably folding,camera The slides have started to deteoriate but I scanned them in before they had gone too far 'off".
In later years Hugh continued to take photos of racing all over the world but he used negative film so whilst he has a great collection of prints they are not so accessible.
Hugh Palmer is pictured below with a 911S in Place De La Concorde,Paris .Oh happy days. 


  1. Brought back some memories, John. Warwick Farm in the 60s. Very similar.

  2. How old would Jackie Stewart be in those shots? Fantastic shots from an amazing era of motorsport.

  3. Nice 911.
    And nice haircut Hugh :)
    BrettD Copacabana