1 Jun 2011


When you are restoring an old car or motorcycle finding new old stock (NOS) parts in their original packaging is what you dream about .Sadly in recent years the supplies of NOS parts have dwindled rapidly as they have been bought up and as the internet makes it easier for sellers to find buyers .Eight years ago I found four 1974 NOS Porsche wheels in their original boxes which had been in the parts store of the Porsche agent in Hong Kong .
I saw this fully restored Raleigh bike in a small bicycle shop in Penang, Malaysia  whilst on an early morning walk .The shop's owner enthusiastically explained to me that he had restored the bike using NOS parts which he had in his own shop or which he had sourced from other bike shops in Malaysia .He showed me the original packaging for the saddle and other parts.The bike looked as smart as the day it left the factory in Nottingham ,England many years ago .

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