14 May 2011


I've owned this pair of the legendary Australian RM Williams boots for at least five years . I have worn them a maximum of a dozen times and eight of those times have been in the last 2 weeks . When I bought them I just did not find them at all comfortable . Disappointed because I know devotees rave about them I put them into the back of a cupboard .A couple of weeks back I was clearing out and found them and decided to give them to a charity shop putting the experience down to an expensive lesson .At the last minute I granted them a reprieve and decided to give them another try and magically after about 6 wearings they started becoming very comfortable . To think that they nearly made it to the Salvos!
On reflection I remembered that when most shoes had traditional construction with leather uppers and soles etc , like these boots,we had to wear them all in but now with bonded rubber soles and synthetic materials shoes now slip on like carpet slippers on day one .


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