4 May 2011


I recently found these two slides of Paris taken by me in 1981 on a Leica 3A on Kodak Ektachrome film .The slides were mounted in glass mounts where the film is sandwiched between very thin sheets of glass .These were once very popular with photographers as they kept the film flat and stopped it "popping"  when projected and also because they protected the film surface from physical damage . Unfortunately they also act as miniature glasshouses and particularly in the hot ,humid conditions here in Australia they encourage fungal growth and moisture attack on the film .
Fortunately I only have a few glass mounted slides but all have started to deteoriate and have spores of fungus growing on them .It is almost impossible to remove the film without damaging it now as it is invairably bonded to the glass.

Apart from cropping  I have not manipulated these two slides at all. I feel that the ageing combined with the soft autumn light has give them a wonderful vintage look  .Sadly the others in the series are too badly deteoriated to be used.

These photos are a marked contrast technically to the Leica X1 digital images  in the posts below yet I cannot help wondering how those images stored on a hard drive will look in 30 years time -will they be in better or worse shape than these slides?I guess the truth is that no one will care as they will be long forgotten . These Paris photos were retained because when they were taken I was only taking a few hundred photos per annum as film and processing were expensive . Nowadays I can easily take that many in one day .

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