19 May 2011


If you are feeling rushed  or stressed today spare a thought for the Belgian Kronos Lola Aston- Martin team . Three weeks out from the 2011 Le Mans 24 hour race they've been plucked off the reserve list and told that due to the withdrawal of another team they have an entry for this year's race! See story on

Now it takes me at least two weekends to get ready for a local hillclimb with my car so I cannot imagine getting a top level team into shape in three weeks to prepare for 24 hours of racing . They have already missed the April testing session and in reality they only have two weeks to get to Le Mans in time for scrutineering and practice. Presumably quite a few of the team members -- if not all- have fulltime jobs  so frantic lodgement of annual leave request forms would be going on and then there would be a thousand and one logistical details to fix--paperwork galore--travel- catering -- team accommodation -tyre supply etc,etc.It does not bear thinking about . Those guys would be flat out .
Friend Patrick , who lives in Brussels, alerted me to this story and suggested that maybe they will be running the car on frites oil. We will certainly be giving them a big cheer and urging them  on . If they make it to the starting grid they will be heroes in our book .

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