17 Apr 2011


Despite being a very keen enthusiast for over 40 years I've had a pretty jaded view of Formula One racing for the last ten years or so . I have found it  boring , over hyped and just basically a money making circus which seemed to have lost sight of the fact that it should be entertaining the fans.
The first race of the current season , the Australian Grand Prix , reinforced my views but the Malaysian Grand Prix provided more overtaking than we have seen for some time and today I have just watched the Chinese Grand Prix and it was great . An extremely close fought race with plenty of audacious overtaking and a brilliant drive into 3rd place ( from 18th on the grid) by Aussie, Mark Webber . The usually obnoxious Sebastian Vettel came second and was charming in the post race press conference so yes it had it all .I'd go as far as to say that it was one of the most , if not the most , closely fought Grand Prix of the last 20 years . The new rule changes and in particular the tyre arrangements, do seem to be working and making overtaking the rule rather than the exception. If this continues I'll be back watching the European Grand Prix in the middle of the Aussie night like old times . Yes , that's more like it .

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