23 Apr 2011


I bought a Leica X1 in January . Not because I was unhappy with my wonderful Canon G7 and G9 but because I have been a Leica enthusiast since 1968 and because I wanted to enjoy DSLR standard images without the bulk of a DSLR . My camera has to fit in the glovebox of an early 911 which is already half full of papers and junk.My days of carrying a backpack full of photogear are over.

It is a very confusing camera which defies ready categorisation. It has a very high quality fixed (non zoom ,non interchangeable) 24mm F2.8 Leica Elmarit lens (equivalent to a 36mm lens on a full size 35mm camera) and a big APS-C sized sensor .It is capable of taking high end Digital SLR quality images .It has an excellent performance in low light . It has a compact ,magnesium alloy body and it has a rather silly pop up flash unit .Its controls are simple and very straightforward . Yet it does not behave like a modern feature loaded compact camera .It needs and invites a thoughtful /measured approach to photography .And it is expensive -like all things Leica.

 After an initial period of uncertainty and confusion when I really did not enjoy the camera and I seriously considered selling it on EBay I have come to terms with  the X1 and its fixed lens and unique feel and modus operandi and I am very pleased with the results . Here are some images I produced from my recent trip to Vietnam .

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  1. great shots, and glad to see the new equipment settling in ... if had to choose, the rain shot (#3)for atmosphere and the bearer (#1) for depth and character ...