26 Jan 2011


Well it's Australia Day ,January 26th , Australia's national day, and it's the hottest Australia Day for 30 years in Sydney.Here on the coast of NSW at Terrigal it is a very steamy 33°C (91.4°F)and with very high humidity and all we can do is go in the pool or hide indoors  although as we don't have aircon it is only marginally cooler.Inland it is much hotter --upto 42/43° --which is evil .
I spoke to friend Keith yesterday evening. He is a farmer in central western NSW and he had spent the day in the paddocks separating 130 lambs from their mothers to take them to market . He said it was tough , hot work . I am sure that is a gross understatement .
The planned lunchtime barbecue has been deferred until this evening when hopefully it will cool down marginally as the cook would get sunstroke out there at the moment .
The beach is absolutely packed although the sand is too hot to walk on . Early this morning friend Brett and I did a bit of hopefully succesful rectification work on his early 911 but it was just too hot to go for a drive .

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  1. Definitely not early 911 weather yesterday John. Sydney was 6-7 degrees hotter! I see there is another 911L joining an exclusive group of owners.