5 Jan 2011


Pedro Rodriguez, BRM V12, British Grand Prix , Brands Hatch, July 1968 .He retired on the 51st lap. Taken with a standard 50mm lens from the inside of what is now called Surtees Bend .We were a small group of hardcore formula one enthusiasts who used to arrive very early at Brands and stake out our claim beside the picket fence on the inside of this bend .There was no catch fence and wide exclusion zone to separate us from the action and we could actually see the drivers' faces and tell the cars apart . Oh ,happy days .
As Jesse Alexander says in his latest photobook -Inside the Archives ( another great book from David Bull Publishing  see )" .....As the years have swept past I've come to appreciate how lucky I was to have been there to capture many of these moments on film. "
My sentiments exactly although now of course I wish that I had been able to afford more film back then .


  1. what an utterly amazing shot. and indeed lucky to be there then, these days you are better off watching motorsport on television as the professionals are the only ones allowed anywhere near and on television it is _nothing_ like the real thing ...

  2. Ahh Rodriguez.... my parents met him when they followed the Tasman in 1968. He made a distinct impression, he was approachable and polite.

    These days you'd need to penetrate the perimeter of minders