12 Aug 2018

Shannons Classic 2018

Moto Retro Honda 6 cylinder crotch rocket

Crotch rocket controls.

Holdens on parade.Yes I know the Alfa Montreal far right is more interesting.

Speedway midget tech briefing

Buick hood ornament. No pedestrian impact rules then

More fins than Cape Canaveral

More front than Myers (Australian slang)

Ian-the very model of an MG man

Porsche oldies
More Porsche oldies

Light and shade
Photos taken at today's CMC Shannons Classic at SydneyMotorSportPark. With 1900 cars on display it was big event. Average age of attendees probably 65-possibly higher. Some wonderful cars but also many which have me scratching my head and asking -why? But each to his own.
The bikes are usually a highlight for me but there were hardly any this year.
As I drove down in my 2.7 911 (yellow nose just visible in Porsche line up) early in the morning I saw at least half a dozen cars obviously on the way to the event failing to proceed by the side of the road with their bonnets (hoods) up and not one was a British car. Honest.

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