9 Jul 2018

On old cars

Two very British cars seen at the Pie in the Sky biker's cafe last week. An early MG and a Morgan. Whilst I appreciate the enthusiasm many people have for such old machines I would not want to own one myself as they are so difficult to enjoy in today's traffic conditions.
My brother- in- law in the UK owns a Morgan Plus 4 and about 20 years ago when visiting the UK I had a few opportunities to drive it from time to time and found it very hard work. Heavy steering, rough ride and slow. Then in 2004 we went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in it on a beautiful day. With the hood down driving down Sussex lanes it was wonderful.
I have owned my 1977 911 for 18 years now and even here on the Central Coast of NSW it is becoming more congested and it has become more and more difficult to find an open road to enjoy the Porsche in its element. At least in an early 911 I can keep still up with the traffic and the brakes are upto modern standards. Driving in today's traffic in that MG or Morgan would be very fraught.
Next week I am off to northern NSW with three other early 911s on our private Porsche 70th anniversary run. Hopefully we will enjoy open Mr Plod and traffic free roads and fine weather.

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