2 May 2018

Dropping in for a dip

You could reach this waterhole north of the Berkeley River in the Kimberley by foot from the Berkeley River Lodge but it would be a helluva long hike though through very difficult country. The best way is just to drop in by helicopter-landing in the lower part of the waterhole.You have to be careful on the slippery rocks as you climb out of the chopper.
Soaking in the waterhole itself-below-was something else. The water was warm and soft and small fish came and nibbled at my feet and back-a rather odd sensation. Apparently from about half way across the waterhole there is a big very deep hole which a freshwater crocodile has been known to inhabit. Freshwater crocs are not aggressive unlike their saltwater cousins but in any case on the day we dropped in there was no sign of it.
I slipped on the rocks climbing out and fell heavily but came away with just a grazed knee. I was lucky. Otherwise it might have been a helicopter medivac.

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