28 Feb 2018


The Manthey Porsche GT3RS of Dumas/Makowiecke/Werner coming down the mountain late in the afternoon at the 2018 Bathurst 12 hours. This car was in a very strong third position going into the final 20 mins with the two cars ahead very low on fuel. However a major crash up the mountain caused the race to be stopped at that time and the result declared. The car was then placed third however a time penalty for a driver time infringement- one driver overran his allowed time at the wheel-caused the car to be finally placed sixth.
This photo like all the others in my 2018 12 hour portfolio was taken with a Lumix FZ1000 -a so called bridge camera. In many ways it is a useful camera but it only has a relatively small 1" sensor and after the big sensors in my Leicas I am not totally happy with the image quality but I can understand how many people would be quite happy the camera.To be fair this shot is a big crop.
I find myself wishing that I had not sold my superb Canon EOS 70-200mm f2.8 lens and the 2x converter. That combination on a Canon EOS full frame digital body would be superb at the 12 hour race.

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