30 Aug 2017

Looking for a white horse.

Somewhere years ago I read that a white horse is one of the most difficult things to photograph well because you too often end up losing the detail in the white-whether you are taking the photo in colour or black and white. Ever since I read this I have been looking in vain for white horses to photograph so that I can challenge myself.
Driving down the Lakes Way in the Myall Lakes National Park back in July I spotted these two white horses in a field so I turned around and drove up the farm track towards them. As soon as I got out of the car they sauntered off . They were having none of it.
So I had to settle of this rather pleasant rural photo lit by weak winter sunshine.

In winter the Lake's way is a beautiful drive on a usually empty road. In summer it is full of  tourist vehicles. There are long straight stretches with a 100kmh speed limit.The temptation to go 120/130 on these stretches is great and on this trip I was just setting myself up for a fast run when far in the distance I spotted a car coming towards me. It was a Highway Patrol car.I would have been a sitting duck. My lucky day even if the white horses got away.

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