3 Jun 2017


If you are a cat lover you will appreciate this photo of Zoe, our 17 year old one eyed Himalayan, waiting patiently for a door to be opened so that she can go outside. For most of the year this is not an issue - the door is usually open-but now it is winter and we are having an unusually cold few days so the door stays closed. Zoe waits and waits but we eventually let her out and yes a few minutes later she wants to come back in as it is cold and then when she is in she forgets that the reason she came in is that it is cold so the cycle starts again. She is very patient but so are we.
I particularly like this photo because it captures a very typical Zoe scene.Taken on the Leica Q. I took this one shot without her noticing but as soon as she saw that I had a camera she walked off. Typical.

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