7 May 2017

The way we were-2

I came across this old print a few weeks ago. It shows me driving a Van Diemen Formula Ford in the wet at Oran Park circuit near Narellan in western Sydney in the early 90s.
Oran Park fell to the developers in 2010. Now it is huge housing development.The equally challenging Amaroo Park circuit on the northern outskirts of Sydney closed in 1998. It also is a housing development.
We now have a thoroughly modern motorsport facility at Sydney MotorSport Park in the western suburbs of Sydney. It's a very long way from the old circuits with their spectator stands with flapping corrugated iron roofs, rusting Tannoy speakers on leaning poles and the broken down ticket offices and the leaking roofs of the paddock "facilities" and the cinder roads. I know that if I was going to have a serious "off" I'd take the SMSP medical facilities over the primitive facilities at Oran Park and Amaroo. And to think that I was tanking around there in the wet in a single seater...

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