10 May 2017

Black Beauty

Seen at the Terrigal Beach car park a few weeks ago. A Mustang fan. There are quite a few new Mustangs appearing on the roads. They are good value and now that the local Ford Falcon and Holden( GM) Commodore have finished production they are the natural purchase for local American Iron enthusiasts.
Ford dealers will be enjoying their change in fortunes with the Ranger pickup selling like hot cakes and the Mustang adding some cream. They will be thinking that giving up local manufacturing was the best thing Ford Australia have done for years.
The Mustang is rumoured to be replacing the Ford Falcon in some teams in the local Virgin Supercars racing series in 2018. Pretty academic really as underneath the skin it will still be the same chassis/running gear.

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  1. Interesting - I rented a Mustang convertible John when I drove from California to Santa Fe/New Mexico a couple of years -