11 Apr 2017


I'm an early riser. I am usually awake by 5.00 am wherever I am and I'm out of the house for my brisk morning walk most mornings by 5.45. It's the best time for photos -as long as there is light. For the last few weeks it has still been dark right through until at least 6.30 which puts a dampener on photography. Fortunately we put the clock back by an hour and moved off summer time two weekends ago . So now I can look for those early morning photos again.
I always find it sad to see people with cameras on tripods down around the beach in the morning. Straight photos of the sunrise are just so easy and ordinary. There are so many more interesting photos to be taken around the beach if you just look for them. I am trying to get a worthwhile picture every day to post on my instagram account @therollingroad.  I'm not always succesful but I have been quite pleased with some of the recent shots-above.
I find that Instagram is a convenient way to gain visibility for my photography and there is some really great photography on it -if you know where to look.
My reservation about Instagram is that it is now owned by Facebook an organisation for which I have no respect. I don't have a Facebook account and plan never to have one.
All photos were taken with the Leica Q

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