12 Feb 2017

Spectating in comfort

I saw this kit up the top of the mountain at Bathurst at the 12 hour race. For years Bathurst spectators have been making their race watching kit more and more sophisticated and this crew have taken it to new heights.
They had a large canvas gazebo,chairs and this ingenious hand truck fitted with go-kart wheels. The big box is a full size fridge. There is the large LCD TV and sound bar -still with its screen protector film- plus a Weber barbecue and gas cylinders. Is that a small microwave oven on top of the fridge? Power for all this gear was supplied by a sizeable portable generator placed some distance away. 
Most spectator encampments seemed to have bought their own generators which nowadays are almost silent - a far cry from the generators of yesteryear.
The one thing missing from their set up is a portable cooling unit. Maybe they solely relied on the contents of the fridge for cooling.
I saw many spectors watching the race on the Channel 7 free to air TV using their phones or tablets. A good idea if you have a big data allowance.
I remember years ago I was very tempted to buy a small handheld Casio TV to use at the racing. I am surprised to see that Casio still sell an updated digital model.

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