9 Jan 2017


As the Rolling Road seems to have more readers in the US and Europe in the northern hemisphere winter than in Australia and as both the US and Europe are currently suffering from some really cold weather I thought that a few summer photos from a very warm east coast of Australia would be well appreciated. A little sunshine to brighten up all the cold and misery around although I doubt that even my sunny photos can lighten the mood for many of my American readers as the Presidential inaugration date approaches.

We are enjoying, if that is the right word, a long spell of hot weather with cloudless skies and no rain here in Terrigal. Hot air is being pushed out from the interior of the continent and heatwave conditions are again forecast for the rest of the week. The only really cool day ( 23ºC) we have had since Christmas Eve was last Tuesday. Here right on the coast the seabreezes moderate the temperature most days but if you drive just a few kms inland the temperature is scorching.
The best time to go out is very early in the morning and that is when I took these photos over the last 10 days. 
The high surf was shot at a very high tide this morning. The two girls in the car was also taken this morning. They had taken their dawn swim and were watching the sunrise.
The first photo is my personal pick of the bunch. Also it really shows how good the Leica Q is. This is a jpeg straight out of the camera. 
If you are suffering in the cold I hope you enjoy the photos and I'll be thinking of you when I am in the pool this afternoon before I crack open a cold beer at 5.00pm. Cheers.