30 Jan 2017

Summer in Australia

It is the most glorious day today. As close to perfection as one could ask. A sea breeze,not a cloud in the sky and 28ºC. A million miles from care and a very long way from Donald Trump.
Most of the schools have gone back today although some go back tomorrow so there are less people around. I went for a long walk along the beach from N Avoca to Avoca mid morning. It was beautiful. I took a camera and came away with this photo. Teenagers were jumping into the sea from the point. There was no shortage of takers.
I used the Leica XV  - the zoom lens was useful but after the Q I find the focusing slow and the electronic viewfinder dim.
Footnote-since I wrote the above yesterday I have had another look at this photo and have decided that it is one of the best I have ever taken! It really tells a story about summer in Australia and photos should tell stories. It would have been nice to have the foot of the girl on the left fully in the photo but I had to be so fast to get the boy jumping and in exactly the right place and also the two girls framing the shot. In many ways it is a lucky photo. I do have another version without the two girls and it does not work anywhere near as well. 

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