18 Jan 2017


I've lived in Australia for 40 years and I have never experienced such a long hot spell as we are experiencing here in NSW. We have had just two days since Christmas Eve when the temperature was in the low 20s C. Here in Terrigal the sea has moderated the temperature most days but it has still been around or above 30C. Today is the worst. Overnight it was 34ºC at 3.00am - apparently the hottest since records began over 150 years ago. Now as I type this at 10.30 am it is 41ºC and climbing. That's 107ºF. Heatstroke territory. Just a few kilometres inland it will be even hotter. It is too hot to even go in the pool. The cats are asleep close to a fan but still uncomfortable.
At dawn the beach was full of swimmers. For the first time ever due to heat I took my car down the hill to start my morning walk. It was just too dangerously hot to walk back uphill. Anyone who denies that there is global warming needs their head examining.
These guys were showering down after a dip. Photo taken with the Leica Q. That camera is just brilliant. This is a jpeg-with the camera set on low contrast,low saturation.

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  1. I live in Kingscliff,on the north coast, believe me john,it is worth getting in the pool, even though it's hot, it brings your bodies core temp. down,our pool is 31c