28 Jan 2017

Beached-oh what a feeling.

I went for my early morning walk this morning and found a crowd of spectators on the esplanade looking at a Toyota 4WD HiLux crewcab ute bogged on Terrigal Beach with the waves breaking around it. I made straight for the sand and asked a specator standing there "I wonder which idiot did that?". A nearby voice said "Me". Whoops. The speaker laughed it off and explained that he had been taking his son fishing at 5.00 am and decided to do a quick drive on the beach because there were no signs on the ramp prohibiting driving on the beach. He said that he had seen the Toyota TV commercials so he put the ute into 4WD and away he went -road tyres fully inflated on very soft wet sand and after about 10 metres he was totally bogged with an incoming tide and waves breaking around him. By good fortune the sea was very calm this morning and he manged to get a tow truck to come out to Terrigal to extract the Toyota just before it was swamped by waves. It was rapidly sinking into the soft sand and if it had been left it would have been very firmly stuck and he would have been in very serious trouble on environmental grounds.
That's the driver and his son watching them pull it out in the bottom photo. I can't see him attempting beach driving for a while.

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