3 Dec 2016

The 356 man.

Porsche owners are amongst the most enthusiastic of car enthusiasts. There are a lot of them and you can find them all over the world. But within the Porsche enthusiasts universe there is a subset of even more enthusiastic enthusiasts -the 356 owners.
Sydney resident and friend David Nicholls is as keen and knowledgeable a 356 enthusiast as you are likely to find anywhere on the planet. A short video has been made about David and his stable of cars and it is now on You Tube. It is well worth watching.
You can view it here THE 356 MAN

My first encounter with Porsche was reading the monthly column by Motor Sport magazine's Continental Correspondent,Denis Jenkinson,in 1956. Jenks,as he was known,lived an idyllic life travelling to the European motor sport events in his 356 through the N hemisphere summer each year. He was a very enthusiastic about Porsche because they went racing and he loved his 356 and he certainly convinced this then 10 year old that Porsche was the best car in the world. Despite this early baptism into the Porsche brand I've not felt the urge to own a 356 myself-I am very happy with my 911s although I did own 2 Dinky Model 356s many years ago.

Here are some photos from my archives of 356s I have seen in Australia,the US and in France at the Le Mans Classic plus a shot of David's 550 replica shown in the video.

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