15 Dec 2016

Technic Lego for grown ups

There are many reasons that early Porsche 911s are so popular and so sought after and one is that it is so easy to build your own interpretation of a classic Porsche by switching components.
Because the basic architecure of the 911 did not fundamentally change over more than twenty years many components are relatively interchangeable. So if you choose you can slot in a 3.2 litre motor into a car which originally had a 2 litre. At the same time you can change the gearbox from the original 901 type to a later 915 box. You could bigger fit brakes and master cylinder-as I have done on my 1971 car- and wider wheels and so on. It's almost like Technic Lego for grown ups and it is the reason why 'hot rod" early 911s in groups such as the RGruppe in the US are so popular.
No other car brand or model has had this model/architecture continuity over such a long period so no other brand has this mix and match capability.
Photo above was taken at Autowerks in Charmhaven, NSW earlier this week . The mechanical fuel injected motor is a being finished prior to being fitted in the recently restored red 911E shown in the photos below. The SWB 911 behind belongs to friend Brett and is being stripped back to the bare bodyshell prior to being media blasted and then totally restored.

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