9 Dec 2016

Breathe that sea air

Breath that sea air-late afternoon Blueys Beach Mid Coast NSW Australia yesterday. A strong warm wind was blowing from the north and the lack of surf meant that dog walkers were the only people on the beach. You can just make out the headland of Seal Rocks in the furthest distance.
Blueys is 300 kms north of Sydney with a 38 km winding drive from the Pacific Highway so still retains the some of the atmosphere of a remote surfing village despite the designer holiday homes which increasingly make up the beachfront landscape.
It was very quiet yesterday but there was an air of anticipation in the local businesses as they awaited the huge influx of holiday visitors who will invade starting from this weekend as the private schools finished for the long summer break today.
Parking spaces will be at a premium as the Audi SUVs jostle for position. The exuberance of many of the visitors will be tempered when they find out that Telstra is the only mobile phone network which can be received in Blueys. The cafes offering wi-fi will be full of users of other networks eager to get their daily Facebook and caffeine fixes.
The annual visitor invasion started last week here in Terrigal. Parking is impossible in the town. The streets are clogged with SUVs. The cafes are full -some full from sunrise. The beach is getting crowded -well crowded by our standards. The multi-million dollar weekenders at nearby North Avoca are being prepared for their three week's use. One magnificent beachfront property is only used for 10 days over Xmas and the New Year in the whole year. After the holiday the owner takes the family off to the US to ski and the house stays closed up until next year. Summer in Australia 2016

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