18 Nov 2016

Wow-the Q

I have received an email suggestion that I do a full review of the Leica Q on the blog. I demurred. I don't do camera reviews and anyway there are plenty of detailed reviews of the camera on the internet by people better qualified to write them than me. However what I will say is that it is an amazing camera. It is absolutely without doubt by far the most impressive camera I have ever owned. It is an absolute joy to use. It handles so well . The contrast to my plastic Sony a7 with its confusing menus and arbitarily placed controls which lies forlornly in my cupboard could not be greater.
The image quality is stunning. It is in a class of its own. Definitely better than the IQ from my Leica M6 with various lenses and better than the superb IQ from the Leica XV which I am also fortunate to own. The autofocus is really fast. I wish the camera were a little smaller but with the fullframe sensor and the wide aperture lens I am probably asking for too much. Other than that I cannot fault it.
 Is it worth the money? To my mind definitely. You get what you pay for.

Photo above grandson Otto taken with the Q. 1/125th sec at F1.7 ISO 125.
Photos below-100% image and a crop from the same photo. Look at the performance of that lens. This is a jpeg straight from the camera without any processing or sharpening.
I can see a day -soon-when a cameras will have a big sensor-a fixed 21mm very high quality lens and you will achieve the effect of the zoom by cropping and you would have a camera with in effect a 21-90mm zoom with just a fixed 21mm lens. The Q is a long way there already.

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