3 Nov 2016

The Nanny State advances

I drove down to Cowan yesterday for the monthly lunch at the Pie in the Sky with the Porsche 356 tragics.
I took the Old Pacific Highway - a magnificent driving road recently resurfaced but now totally spoilt by the imposition of ridiculously low speed limits. Yes I know that a number of motorcyclists have been killed on the road over the years but as I saw yesterday a few motorcyclists are still going fast but in short dashes when they know Officer Plod is not around the next corner. And Officer Plod was around the next corner yesterday cruising up and down in his Highway Patrol car. As I was not enjoying the view of the back of his car at 60km/h I pulled over and waited for him to cruise away whilst I took this photo of my 2.7.
Yesterday on the way back was the first day for a few months that I have had to use the aircon in the car. Summer is very close and with a forecast of temperatures in the 30s(C) next week the first dip in the pool is surely very close.

This issue of speeding is a serious one and the fact that the road toll in NSW is up substantially this year after many years of declining is a worry. The police and the politicians are all screaming "speed kills" and they are of course right but as I saw on the M1 motoway coming back from Cowan it is not all just about unlawful high speeds - there were idiots in utes and SUVs weaving all over the road slicing through the traffic at medium speeds and sadly despite all the publicity and the harsh penalties people -usually young women- texting whilst driving at high speed. Are they crazy or what? And where was Patrol Officer Plod? -cruising up and down the nearly deserted adjacent Old Pacific Highway waiting to nab a motorcyclist -or a Porsche driver.

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