4 Nov 2016

Sights of summer.

Rash vest and swimmers drying. Summer is here. First swim of the season in the pool this morning.  Ran the solar pool heating for an hour or so and the water was soon upto a very comfortable temperature. Also water running into the rainwater tanks from the roof which indicates that there is a small leak in the solar blanket. I suspect that a bird-probably a cockatoo -has pecked at it. Damn. More expense. The combination of the salty atmosphere,very strong sun on an easterly facing roof and aggressive birds makes for a hostile environment.
Pretty early in the season to be in the pool with the water at this temperature. Is this more evidence of global warming or just chance? Just heard this week sunniest first week in November for 36 years - today's temperature 6ºC over average and much hotter early next week.

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