5 Nov 2016

Do it USA.

To all readers in the US please,please do the right thing on Tuesday -vote and vote for Clinton. You may despise her but the alternative is unthinkable. Trump is vile. Utterly vile. If he becomes the President of the US the future of the planet may be at risk. It is that serious. Read this The New Age of Darkness
When major countries have turned to fascism in the past it has always ended very badly.
Do the right thing. Do the only thing. Don't vote for a third party. Stop the barbarian by voting for Clinton. It's simple. Just do it.
The world can handle tin pot countries run by mad dictators with fascist tendencies but the US is the dominant world power and what happens in the US affects us all -we cannot afford for the US to go off the rails.

Watching this unedifying campaign has made me appreciate our Australian system even more.  We may not like our party leaders but at least they behave in a civilised fashion towards each other. We have compulsory voting - you get fined if you do not vote-so no nonsense of groups being too apathetic to vote and finally our electoral area boundaries are fixed by an independent commission so no gerry mandering. Easy.

Photo taken by me at Chromefest with a Leica X1.

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