14 Nov 2016

A drive into the mountains

A small section of the line up outside the Pie in the Sky

Two ways to keep cool. Aircon compressor visible on my car. Targas behind
A great drive into the Blue Mountains yesterday with the Porsche Classic register.
Beautiful weather and wonderful empty roads particularly the Blaxland Ridge Road across to the Bells Line of Road from the Putty Road. The Pie in the Sky at Bilpin is a great venue. The people are friendly,the pies and most importantly the coffee are good and there is a great grassy meadow and car park. This is the sixth year we have driven out there. Time flies.
A good turnout of cars including a few newbies-one of which was an very tidy 1977 2.7 Sportomatic with its proud lady owner. Silver car second from left in photo above.
There were quite a few Targas including a couple of newbies. Targas are enjoying a resurgence of interest it seems.
It was a hot day but at least it was cooler at Bilpin. Pity about the flies.
I drove 320 kms for the round trip and my return journey took me just short of three hours cross country including the ferry crossing at Wisemans Ferry. The 2.7 drove beautifully and that aircon really earnt its keep.

Parting shot- my car descending Galston Gorge. Photo Rob Scheeren

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