15 Oct 2016

Portugese paws

I love cats -big cats and small cats-kittens to lions. For me home is where the cats are and the only downside to travelling for me is that I can't take our cats with me. Happiness for me is Phoebe,our 16 year old Himalayan, jumping on the bed first thing and coming to say hallo and demanding that I make a fuss of her.
I like both cats and dogs but I'll always take a cat ahead of a dog so let me share  these cat photos from Portugal. The first is of a stencil cat taken in Alfama - the oldest part of Lisbon. It just caught my eye.
The second shows an English guy with his cat companion named "Zero" who I spotted on the street in Coimbra. The photo was taken with the X1 and I was anxious not to get too close in case I spooked Zero so I took a couple of paces back to take the photo and then cropped it.
The third photo was taken in Obidos. The picturesque but overly touristy village was seething with daytrippers mid afternoon on a sunday and I had written off the chances of getting any worthwhile photos when I spotted these three children with a local cat. I had to move very quickly for this one as the cat looked as if its patience was being tested and it was about to take off.
The next shot was taken up a very dilapidated street in old Porto. These two little cats were not strays because when I came back they were eating from a bowl of cat food left out for them.
The final shot was taken in Lisbon early morning-man being chased by black cat- a total chance shot. A second later and I would have missed it.
All the photos were taken on the fly with the Leica X1.

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