10 Oct 2016

More Portugese stories

More photos from my recent road trip through Portugal. More photos which hopefully tell stories from Viseu and Coimbra..
Viseu early sunday morning. It was foggy and eerily quiet.The sun soon burnt off the fog to a beautiful day.

Two African students early Sunday morning Viseu. Probably returning from a night clubbing. Very friendly and lively guys who spoke excellent English.

Sunday morning mass ,Viseu Cathedral. Portugal is a strongly catholic country and church attendances are still high.I took two photos in the cathedral-the other one would have been a better photo but was ruined by camera shake.

A quiet beer.Coimbra. One thing about Portugal is that I noticed that many older people still practice the gentle art of sitting and thinking about the world without the distractions of needing to talk to someone,reading or looking at a phone.

Magnificent Coimbra University. J K Rowling the author of Harry Potter worked in Porto for 3 years a a teacher and the Portugese academic dress was the inspiration for the black capes in the Harry Potter books

Listening to the audio during a tour of the magnificent Coimbra University buildings. I took an audio guide like this woman and it was very useful.I would not have appreciated the buildings properly without it. With an audio guide  you get as much info as you want to hear and you can go at your own pace .

Some last minute revision for the final exam in the faculty of law Coimbra University. The 400 year old examination room is behind her. I glimpsed inside. The exam papers were set out on the ancient wooden desks. It looked very intimidating and it bought back distant memories. It seems odd to hold the final exam at the start of the new academic year.

Frozen yogurt seller outside the University,Coimbra. With the hundreds of sightseers on a hot day she was onto a good thing. I caught her just as she opened up.
This charming girl was not smiling solely for me,sadly. She was as she explained, laughing nervously as she was also waiting to go into her final law exam.

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