5 Oct 2016

It's a winner

Whilst I was travelling in Portugal four weeks ago I received an email from the i-shot-it photo competition organisers advising me that I had won their Premium photo competition with a substantial cash prize plus a Leica X2 camera. Now I have been entering the i-shot-it photo competitions for a few years but upto now I had been awarded a highly commended but never a big prize so I was pretty pleased with this win.
The photo was taken near the tourist hot spot of Cannery Row in Monterey,California in May of this year. It was taken at midday so there was no major effort or magical location involved. The truth is anyone could have taken the photo but I did think that it had potential in the Premium competition although it was in so many ways a lucky shot.

You can see the citation on the photo and my comment on i-shot-it

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