17 Oct 2016

Hey Fatty

I took a run upto the Hunter Valley today with Craig and Colin so there were three silvertail 911s in convoy. The run up the Yarramalong Valley and the Wollombi Road was dry and almost traffic free so we had a really good fast drive but the last few kilometres to Cafe Enzo were wet and the drive home was a shocker. There are two places you do not want to be in an early 911 on a very wet day-on a motorway full of speeding trucks and SUVs or in very thick traffic and I had both. Enough said.
Whilst Colin and I were filling up in Cessnock on the way back a late model 911 pulled upto the pumps. Take a look at it. The early 911s carry two people and two small children and some luggage . The convertible late model carries two people and probably less luggage. Automotive obesity.

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