24 Oct 2016

Chromefest 2016

It was the annual Chromefest hot rod festival at The Entrance on the Central Coast of NSW last weekend. The last few years the organisers have struck lucky with the weather for all three days of the festival but their luck ran out this year. It rained a little on Friday but Saturday was a washout and cold with it. Fortunately it cleared for Sunday so all the spectators who were going on Saturday turned up to augment the huge crowd who only go on the Sunday.
I have been for the last few years which means that many of the cars I had seen previously. However this year I went with my eldest grandaughter,Ellie,so we spent time watching the rock and rollers and the 50s and 60s fashions on display and we had a few good laughs.
I took my new toy -the Leica Q - see previous story. I came back with a few good photos. I am very impressed with it although I am yet to warm to the digital zoom frame feature where you can crop the jpeg size at the equivalent of using 28mm,35mm or 50mm lens by pressing a button on the camera. The actual lens on the camera is 28mm which in itself takes some adjustment after all the years using the X! with its 35mm equivalent lens. The autofocus is superb as is the electronic viewfinder and the image quality is stunning. A full frame sensor with a Leica lens delivers the goods.
However I can still see myself using my faithful X1 frequently because it is smaller,lighter and much more discrete than the Q.
Here are my photos from the day.

Elvis keeps his phone in an unusual place

No shortage of jivers from the moment the group started.

A totally naked Triumph.Motorcycling at its most basic-for those who only ride short distances in daylight.Very well done though.

Running rusties are all the rage. Many are hybrids-rusty bodies found in fields put onto later chassis and running gear.

The waitress dispenses free cupcakes at the interval.

Street fashion. My favourite shot from the day.

Really cheap shoes. Glad to see that they still sell them in pairs.

This is why it is called Chromefest. A very polished exhibit.

Ape hangers. It looks as if not everyone enjoyed the day.

Fabulous rendition from the Q

Very 50s

The Q excels with shots such as this. Great skin tones,very fast autofocus and F1.7 lens wide open isolates the subject.

This line of the Pinup Doll Princesses charity competition was a spoof. Sadly Donald Trump ,who had been invited,had to decline as he was too busy being nasty to nearly everyone in the US.

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