16 Sep 2016

Where to for supercars?

Two weeks ago Tesla announced their next new model - the S P100D - which will sell for US$134,500 and accelerate 0-60mph(100kmh) in 2.5 seconds with a claimed range of 300 miles (482km) on a battery charge. The above chart shows where the new Tesla will fit into the hierarchy of supercars. The horizontal axis is the acceleration time 0-60mph and the vertical axis is the vehicle base retail price in $m. Of the competitors only the conventionally powered Nissan GT-R comes close to the Tesla in terms of price/acceleration performance.
Will the Tesla hurt supercar sales from the dress circle manufacturers? The answer surely has to be "yes".  Of course many of the "look at me,look at me" buyers of Ferraris and Lamborghinis will stay with their gaudy,ostentatious,conspicuous consumption statements but the trend followers will surely flock to the Tesla in droves. Porsche will also feel the wind of change. They have a new all electric supercar coming in a couple of years. That eye watering Porsche premium pricing will be an issue with the Tesla around. Pencil sharpening and head scratching time in Stuttgart methinks.
Tesla chief,Elon Musk,says that soon we will regard the internal combustion engine in the same way as we regard the steam engine. He may well be right.
That will completely disrupt a massive industry. Hold onto your hats -a helluva fast ride coming up.

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