10 Jul 2016

More from Le Mans

Well it seems as if this year's Le Mans Classic has been blessed with glorious weather. Typical - the one year I decide not to go the sun shines. That will be very welcome after the miserable conditions at the last Classic in 2014.
My good mate Patrick has gone and is sending back a stream of photos to make me jealous. He is camping there on the saturday night. He's welcome - my camping days are behind me -no ifs or buts.
Anyway two shots from Patrick's camera. The first shows a full grid of E-Type Jaguars lining up on the dummy grid to go out onto the track. It all looks glorious.
The second taken in what Patrick describes as the best car show in the world-the Le Mans Classic public car park-and shows a very original 912 Porsche.

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