28 Jul 2016

Just a rant about surveys

I am totally over online surveys. It seems as if you cannot interact with any service provider nowadays without them sending you an online survey.
Whist travelling in California for two weeks in May my inbox every day was full of surveys and for weeks after I was still receiving reminders to complete the surveys. Expedia even sent me a survey of my "Check-in" experience for a hotel which went into my inbox whilst I was travelling up in the lift after checking in at one hotel. How do you do a survey on a check- in experience?
Avis asked me to write a review on my US rental car experience as well as completing a damn long survey. Fat chance.
It was a cheap boring rental car. It was clean. It was ready when I arrived. It went OK and someone looked at it when it came back. It did not magically transform into a Porsche 911GT3RS whilst going up Highway 1 so there is nothing else to add.
Since California I have been to Uluru. A new wave of surveys. From Virgin Australia on the flight(s),from the hotel and from Hertz. Give me a break folks.

A few weeks ago the battery in my car died on our driveway. The local roadside assistance organisation -the NRMA- came swiftly. They fitted an expensive new battery and that was that.
I then was sent a long online survey about the experience one hour later. What is there to say? I phoned you up. A pleasant woman took the call. A man in a van came. He fitted an expensive new battery and I paid him and he wished me good day. End of story.

What do they do with the info from all the surveys?  And those amateur hotel and restaurant reviews on Trip Advisor ,Expedia,Open Table and really give me the proverbials. Have you read any of them? For me the last straw came in Seattle last year when I saw a review for an expensive restuaurant on OpenTable and the "reviewer" opened by saying that the restaurant "did great fries". So do McDonalds.

I am now refusing to respond to any surveys unless the service provider has screwed up and then I will complete the survey. Otherwise I see no point. They are a total waste of everyone's time.
 I see no evidence that they have any effect for most organisations. The bank who asked me to answer a few quick questions on my "experience" after I called them still took 10 minutes to pick up my call and it was still answered in a call centre in India by someone with a very heavy accent and I know that nothing will change even if 100.000 customers say the same thing.

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