30 Jun 2016

Car stuff and thoughts on Instagram

Some miscellaneous car stuff from around the world and a plug for Instagram.

Firstly a nice glimpse of an early E-Type Jag taken at a coffee and cars meet in Detroit by Scott Ferrier a few weeks back. A typical good Instagram photo and in this case taken on an iPhone. I have a growing enthusiasm for Instagram and a declining enthusiasm for the blog format. I was an Instagram sceptic but I have changed my tune. I am seeing some really good photography on Instagram.
 I like this type of shot - good examples of the genre can be found on Instagram at Bob Tilton's @Werk_crew,Scott Ferrier's @motorcityscotty, Matt Hart's @the_escape_road and  many more which I have not found yet.
 Matt Hart is a leading practitioner of this style and he also has big portfolios on Tumblr under the escape road tag. He also builds and competes in interesting cars.

Secondly another recent phone shot. This one by David Young from the streets of Paris.A very ordinary ordinary car but it raises two questions which have always intrigued me. Why do many French enthusiasts still find classic British sports cars so fascinating? Maybe it is because there were not any French made sports cars  in that era - except Alpines.
Secondly why would you go around in a very pedestrian MGB in Paris nowadays? I know that this is heresy to many but surely an early Mazda MX5 is a much better proposition than a MGB if you want a cheap early sports car to hack around in Paris. Enough said.

Thirdly a photo from the past I found last weekend. Friend Patrick's beautiful 1971 911T Sportomatic which we drove south from San Francisco to Monterey back in 2004.I took the photo with a Leica Digilux 1-an early digital Leica. Sadly Partick moved to Belgium in 2008 and he had to sell the 911 which has now been turned into an outlaw 911.It was beautiful as it was.

Finally two shots by me taken on my Leica X1 at the Gosford Classic Car Museum last week. American Iron and Italian Red. Instagram fodder. My Instagram photography is on Instagram@therollingroad
You can follow thousands of Instagram accounts devoted to Porsches and classic cars without much effort.The trick is to restrict the number you personally follow to those you can spare time to look at and which feature quality original content.
My personal list in addition to the ones above is @zwart,@24heuresdumans @singervehicledesign,@reedminor.@autofokus911,@aewebster,@duckandwhale,@vintagecarcollector @porsche and finally the star-@petrolicious.
If you have not discovered the Petrolicious website yet then you have been missing out on some of the best classic car photography and videos around.The Instagram account maintains the standard.

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