2 May 2016

Rennsport ramblings

Loading the car at dawn

A really great weekend at Rennsport Australia. Thanks to Porsche Australia and the team who put it together and in particular Alex Webster -organiser and competitor.
It wasn't Rennsport US and never can be but by Aussie standards it was big and very well attended on both days. And we had US Porsche outlaw personality Magnus Walker as a special guest. I really don't get the Magnus Walker phenomenon but each to his own. We even had Mark Webber but sadly only in cardboard cut out form. Perhaps next time Alex we can have a cardboard cut out of Magnus and a flesh and blood Mark?
The weather played games but came good both days. Saturday was a damp start but it soon cleared up to a hot and fine day.Sunday was a very wet start but again it cleared to a fine day and only a couple of the track events were on a damp track. 
The drive down early sunday morning was not fun in a big storm. I had my doubts about pushing on. In an early 911 on a motorway in a heavy storm is not a place you would choose to be.
I drove back and forth-a 220km round trip- both days to compete in the Show and Shine with my 2.2 911. So many great cars in the Show and Shine many of which I had not seen before.
For me the car of the show was Alex Webster's early 911 which looks as if it is a concours entry and which went so well in the Group S races with Alex at the wheel.
It was a really friendly,good natured event. It's at events like this that I realise how many local car enthusiast people I know and I really enjoyed catching up with so many of them. I even spotted some Carrera Cup people having fun. Well they were smiling but perhaps it was just wind.
With so many phones,cameras and tablets clicking away the event was recorded from every angle. If you want to see photos of the cars the local Porsche enthusiast swoon sites will be full of them as will Instagram.
My photos are really vignettes of the two days-just tastes of the atmosphere.I hope that you enjoy them.

Yes this is the sartorially challenged Magnus Walker-right. I cannot see him getting into Singapore for Rennsport Singapore if they ever hold one.

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