6 May 2016

Heads and Tails - more Rennsport

More photos from Rennsport 2016 in Australia.I was just about to clear out the unused junk photos from the weekend from the hard drive when I noticed a few more which are worth putting up.
I try and capture the atmosphere of the event in my motor sport photography nowadays. Jesse Alexander is probably,almost certainly,the greatest motor sport photographer. Looking at his period black and white shots you can almost feel that you are there. Many years ago I bought a second hand book of his detail photos-tyres in a pit-a toolbox-a spectator's lunch -driver's gear etc. It was a small volume in black and white. I remember that it was a quite expensive purchase but somewhere along the way I lost it and I have not been able to find or even get getails of another copy but it has provided me with inspiration ever since.

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