30 May 2016


I came across this montage in my photo archives. It would make a nice print to mount and put on a kitchen wall and it is a big enough file to make a sizeable print. The original photos were all taken in the Tokyo Fish Market by me using my Canon G7 in 2008 before I acquired the Leica X1. The Canon G7 and the G9 were in their day brilliant little cameras and very big sellers.They are compact with robust metal bodies,nice accessible controls,an optical viewfinder and a surprisingly good lens but of course now the sensor and in camera processing software are superseeded technology although still capable of turning out surprisingly good results.
The later G12 is a particularly good edition of the line and now they are upto the G16. You don't read much about it and the other new G series cameras which are apparently very good but not "cool" and fashionable. They really are worth considering if you are in the market for that class of camera.
I do not know which piece of software I used to create the montage but I cannot find it on my computer today. I suspect it was the original Picasa editing program developed by Picasa which was discontinued when Google bought Picasa a few years ago. Why do Google buy great little photo software developers such as Picasa and Nik for substantial sums and then do nothing with them? Is it a simple case of it seemed like a good idea at the time?

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