24 Apr 2016

Show and shine time

It's the Australian Porsche Rennsport Reunion next weekend -Saturday and Sunday-at Sydney Motorsport Park- formerly Eastern Creek Raceway.
The first Australian Rennsport three years ago was a great success.This one is promising to be bigger and better. It is never going to rival the mega US Rennsport Reunion but there are only 24 million of us down here and we are spread out across a very big island. Let's hope the sun shines again this time.

I spent the morning polishing and detailing the exterior of my 2.2 which is entered in the Show and Shine. I'll do the interior tomorrow. The car is looking good but it stands no chance against some of the immaculate specimens which will be there.

By way of variety I used my Sony a7 with the Zeiss 28mm f2.8 Biogon for the photo because it has a tiltable LCD screen which allowed me to hold the camera above my head. The Zeiss Contax G series lenses are very sharp-Leica sharp. On the original file of the photo you can easily read the numbers on the tacho on the dashboard. These lenses are nearly the equal of the equivalent Leica lenses and they are a lot less expensive. But whilst they are very sharp and contrasty the images ultimately lack that distinct Leica look.
The major issue with using them on the Sony- or for that matter a Fuji- is that they have a built in focusing motor which was actuated by the autofocus system in the Contax G series camera and there is no way of manually adjusting the focus. When used on the Sony the lenses have to be manually focused so the adapter used to mount the lens on the Sony also has to do the manual focusing by moving the whole barrel of the lens in and out. It works but it is not that smooth. I have tried two different brands of adapters and both are a bit stiff and slightly "clunky" in their focusing action. They feel as if they need some of the WD40 in that can but I would not dream of applying WD40 anywhere near a lens or a camera.

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