4 Apr 2016

I admit defeat

It was a Classic 911 Register drive yesterday. A great turnout and a great run over surprisingly empty roads. My "Yellowbird" ran beautifully and seems as if a good time was had by all. The only disappointment was that I came home with just a few photos and none of them were original or worth keeping. I have decided that it is not possible to take an original photo of an early Porsche 911. Every angle has been done to death. It was not always like this but in the last five years photographing early 911s has become almost a cult. Every hipster photographer  has a few shots of longnose 911s in his portfolio
Just look at all the early 911 photos on tumblrs,blogs and Instagram. I admit defeat. I may well be leaving my camera at home on future drives - or just photographing the drivers.

1 comment:

  1. Some great shots here John. Its the people that love these cars as much as the cars themselves that I enjoy