11 Mar 2016

On high

A rising-price -tide lifts all boats.Including 924s.
This one was purchased in Perth and the new owner very bravely decided to drive home the long way home thousands of kilometres through desolate country right over the top end of Australia. It all went without a hitch as far as Newcastle,NSW where it stumbled - the timeshaft belt broke on startup- just before it made it home. If the belt had broken at a modest speed yet alone at high speed on the highway the results would have been catastrophic for the engine.The valves touch the pistons and at high revs the connecting rods will bend/snap and even break through the side of the block. Not something you want to happen at anytime yet alone on a desolate highway across a desert in Australia at the height of summer where there is very little traffic,the nearest habitation is a few hundred kms away and the mobile phone signal is even further.  A very lucky man and an interesting story.
Seen at Autowerks this morning.

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